Top 5 Best Baby Scales to Buy in 2017

Immediately your baby is born, measuring its weight is one of the requirements in the checklist. The doctors will measure your baby’s weight and record it for reference. This is essential as it helps the pediatrician to evaluate your baby’s growth. Later on, during clinics, your baby’s weight and even height will be continued to be measured to ensure they are growing healthily.

For many mothers, especially first-time mothers, there’s always the worry on whether your baby is adding weight or not. This occurs mostly during breastfeeding. As you wait for your next clinic, the pressure builds up and at times you feel you can’t wait anymore. If you are this type, then, there’s no need to wait for your clinics, just buy a baby scale and monitor your baby’s weight and height from the comfort of your home.
Portable baby scales are for mothers, pediatricians, traveling nurses and even home cares. Baby scales come in different types. There are table top scales and hanging scales. Table top scales are placed on tables and other flat surfaces when measuring babies’ weight or height. On the other hand, hanging baby scales are normally hanged when measuring weights.

A Review of the Top 5 Best Baby Scales in 2017

In the market, there are dozens of baby scales each from different brands and retailing at different prices. This might confuse you very much when shopping. For this reason, we have sampled the best baby scales in the market for you. In this article, we have reviewed the top 5 best baby scales that should be on your wish list if you are an expectant mother or you are deeply concerned with your baby’s weight.

ModelMaximum weighAccuracy and precisionHold FunctionHas Tare functionCheck price
limit of 55 lbs. (25kg)Precisely weighs to within 0.1 oz. (0.01 lbs. or 0.005 kg)Check Price
limit of 45 lbs. (20kg)Precisely weighs to within 5gCheck Price
limit of 44 lbs (20kg)Precisely weighs to within 10gCheck Price
limit of 44 lbs (20kg)Precisely weighs to within 0.5 oz. (or 0.1 kilograms)Check Price
limit of 60 lbs (27kg)Precisely weighs to within 0.3 lbs. (0.1kg)Check Price

Ozeri ZBB1 All-In-One Baby & Toddler Scale with Weight & Height Change Detection

At number 1 is this baby scale from Ozeri Health which is among the best baby scales on the market that guarantee precision and accuracy. Besides, it is very versatile bearing in mind it measures weight, height and even head circumference. In addition to this, it has a maximum weight limit of 55 lbs. (25kg) meaning you will use it from the time your child is born to when they become toddlers. Before we get into the details of the Ozeri AiO Baby Scale, here are a few of its pros and cons.

  • Highly portable
  • Reliable accuracy and precision
  • Measures weight, height, and head circumference
  • Suitable for babies and toddlers
  • Has weight memory
  • Easy unit conversion
  • Has Tare function
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Fragile body

Without further ado, let’s go straight to this baby scale’s features and performance to see why it is ranked among the best.

The Ozeri ZBB1 Digital Baby Scale sports a sleek, stylish and compact design. It has been crafted from high grade materials that give it a solid design and most importantly, it makes it such a durable baby scale. For easy portability, it is very lightweight. The weigh scale is so spacious and comfy for the baby. Besides, the height scale is retractable to ensure it maintains a minimalistic design. On one of its end, there is a large LCD where readings are precisely shown in digital format.

When it comes to performance, this baby scale offers reliable and accurate measurements of weight and height.
First, it has been engineered to measure very little weights from 0.01 lbs (0.005kg) all the way up to 55 lbs (55kg). This means that you can use the Ozeri ZBB1 from when your baby is born until he becomes a toddler. This does away with the need of buying a new scale as your baby grows. Besides, you can measure your baby’s height using the sliding measurement board. It measures heights from 18.1-inches (46cm) to 31.5-inches (80cm) with precise graduations of 0.1-inches (0.1cm). To juggle between different units, there’s a one touch button that changes units in kg and lbs as well as inches and cm.

Unlike your ordinary baby scale, the Ozeri ZBB1 boasts several unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. One of these features is a built-in memory that can save data for up to 8 babies. For these 8 slots, it also has auto-recognition. If baby Sam is on the tray, it definitely knows this is baby Sam. With this feature, the scale can be able to measure both the current and net change. Furthermore, the Ozeri ZBB1 has an easy-to-use Tare button. It has the ability of subtracting the weight of clothes and even diapers for a more accurate measuring of your baby’s weight.

The Good
  • 1. High Precision: One reason that makes the Ozeri ZBB1 great is its precision and accuracy. It has been optimized to ensure it notes even the slightest changes in your baby’s west.
  • 2. Versatility: This baby scale is also versatile in terms of its application. You can use it to measure both your baby’s weight and weight. In addition to this, it comes with a tape to measure your baby’s head circumference which is a plus for such a baby scale.
  • 3. Inbuilt Memory – With this baby scale, you don’t need to be taking notes after measuring your baby. It comes with an inbuilt memory which records your baby’s data. Besides, it has age and gender specific growth charts to help you out.
  • 4. Tare Weight Function: There is also the Tare function button which enables mothers to accurately measure the net weight of their infants. This features works by subtracting the weight of clothes and diapers.
The Bad
  • 1. Prone to Bugs: The only shortcoming of this baby scale is that it can be prone to bugs though rarely. At times, it fails to measure weights or gets stuck at previous readings.


The Ozeri ZBB1 is a great baby scale that has been crafted and engineered for durability and accuracy respectively. It can measure your baby’s height, weight and most importantly, net weight. Besides, there is a tape for measuring head circumference. With a weight limit of 55 lbs (25kg), this scale is ideal for both babies and toddlers. If you want value for your money, then the Ozeri ZBB1 All-In-One Baby & Toddler Scale with Weight & Height Change Detection should be number 1 on your wish list.

Beurer BY80 Digital Baby Scale with Comfortable Curving Platform

The Beurer BY80 is another great baby scale manufactured by Beurer North America, a market leader in the health and well-being sector. This baby scale offers high accuracy and precision. It measures weight only and displays measurements on the digital LCD. The tray has been well designed for comfort and safety. Before we delve deep in this baby scale’s review, here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Accurate and precise readings
  • Comfortable and secure tray
  • Digital LCD
  • Measures tare weight
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Measures weight only
  • Quite pricey

Having said that, let us now head straight to the Beurer BY80 review. We will also look at its top features and its merits and demerits in detail.

This baby scale sports a sleek and slim design that equally makes it very portable. Whether it is moving around with it in your house or even traveling, the BY80 has no limitations. Besides the stylish design, it has been crafted with comfort and safety in mind. The weighing tray has a curved platform to enhance the baby’s comfort. This platform also gives the baby some sense of security as opposed to just a flat platform. You can cover it with a light cloth for more comfort in case there’s cold.

In terms of performance, this weighing scale only measures weight. We find this a shortcoming considering the price tag. Anyway, your baby’s weight is the most important thing. This scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 45 lbs. (20kg). You can measure weight in three different units; pounds, kilograms, and ounces. You can juggle between these three units by just pressing a button one touch.

For easy readability, Beurer engineered this baby scale with an intuitive LCD. This panel displays all measurements in the set units digitally. The scale has 5g increments for more accuracy when measuring weight. With this in mind, it can detect even the slightest changes in a baby’s weight.

Besides, it has a lock feature which has the auto-hold and manual modes. The auto-hold mode comes in handy when you want an accurate reading. It displays measurement when the scale has been stabilized enough to detect an exact and steady value. Please note that this feature won’t work when the baby is moving too much. On the other hand, in the manual mode, you will have to press the Hold button and when the baby will be calm for at least 3 seconds, you will get your reading. This mode is ideal when the baby has too much activity while on the weighing tray.

During the cold season, removing your baby’s clothes can be quite a worry for mothers. If you are the cautious mother, don’t worry. You can measure your baby’s weight with its clothes on. The Tare Weight feature allows you to zero out the scale to enable it to take into account the weight of clothes or even diapers.

The Good
  • 1. Feels More Comfy and Secure: This scale feels more comfortable and secure for babies. The curved platform makes babies feel more comfortable and safe as opposed to a flat weighing tray.
  • 2. Tare Weight Function: Another plus for this baby scale is that it can still measure your baby’s weight with clothes or diapers on. In this mode, the scale accounts for these extras thus giving an accurate net weight.
  • 3. Accuracy & Precision: This scale also offers accurate and precise readings. Besides the 5g increments, there is an LCD for easy reading. In addition to this, it can still give accurate readings even when the baby is playing courtesy of the manual hold feature.
The Bad
  • 1. Measures Only Weight: This scale only measures weight. Even though this is the primary parameter, we feel it should have offered more considering its price tag.


Even though the Beurer BY80 measures only weight, it is still a great purchase considering its comfort, safety, and accuracy. Besides, it can still measure a baby’s weight with clothes on. If your baby is the hyper type that will never stay calm on the weighing tray, then this is the scale for you. It can still give accurate readings even with your baby playing.

HOMEIMAGE HI-EB522 Digital Baby Scale with Hold Function

The HOMEIMAGE HI-EB522 is a superb bay scale that has been designed to ensure your baby stays on the weighing scale calmly courtesy of the incorporated musical tones. It is the only baby scale in this list with a musical feature to soothe babies. Besides, its accuracy has been enhanced with the high precision strain gauge sensors. To start with, here are some of its pros and cons.

  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Comfortable and secure tray
  • Tare weight function
  • Hold function
  • Large LCD
  • Has music
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Fragile body

Having said that, let’s go straight to the review of the HOMEIMAGE HI-EB522 Digital Baby Scale.
This weighing scale has been crafted in a simple and slim design. You can easily carry it around and even fit it in your travel bag. The weighing tray is comfy and very secure. To ensure your baby is calm on the weighing tray, HOMEIMAGE brought on board a baby musical system that makes babies stay alert and calm once it is switched on. This ensures a steady posture for a more accurate reading. There is also a large LCD for easy readability.

In terms of performance, this baby scale is very reliable and accurate. It uses high-performance high precision strain gauge sensors which can detect the slightest change in weight. With this scale, it is almost an impossibility to have the same reading in a span of 2 days, leave alone a week. The scale has a maximum load capacity of 44 lbs (20kg) and the scale has increments of 10g.

Other features include the Tare Weight function that allows you to weigh your baby’s weight even with their clothes on.. It factors in the weight of clothes and even diapers to give a more accurate weight of your baby only excluding clothes. In addition to this, there’s the hold function that makes sure your baby’s weight is measured at the slightest opportunity when they are still on the tray. This feature comes in handy when the baby is unsettled while on the weighing tray.

The Good
  • 1. Music: This digital baby scale has a musical system that soothes baby when they are on the weighing scale, Once they are settled, a more accurate measurement can be achieved.
  • 2. High Accuracy Levels: This baby scale is one of the most accurate scales in the market. It has high precision strain gauge sensors that can detect the slightest changes in weight.
  • 3. Hold Feature: Even if your baby is playful on the weighing platform, this scale will still deliver an accurate reading courtesy of the hold feature.
  • 4. Tare Weight function: This scale also has tare weight function that enables you to measure your baby’s weight even with their clothes on without compromising on accuracy.
The Bad
  • Measures Weight Only: This scale can measure weight only unlike several others in the market that can also measure heights.
The HOMEIMAGE HI-EB522 Digital Baby Scale is a great and high precision baby scale that comes with a musical function to calm babies. It can measure up to 44 lbs. (20kg). In addition to this, it comes with a free measuring tape and wiping cloth for the best hygiene. If you are looking for accuracy and baby comfort, then this is your sure bet!

Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR Baby Toddler Scale


The Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR is another great and reliable baby scale for measuring the weight of babies and even toddlers. It sports a 2-in-1 design, one with a tray for babies and in the other design, the tray is detached for toddlers. With a 45 lbs. capacity and unrivaled accuracy, this is among the best baby scales that should not miss in your wish list. Here are a few pros and cons of the Taylor Salter Baby to Toddler Scale.

  • For Babies and Toddlers
  • Accurate readings
  • Digital LCD
  • Safe and Comfy tray
  • Tare weight feature
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Only Measures Weight

Let us now review this baby scale and see why it ranks among the best baby scales in 2017.
By design, this baby scale from Taylor Salter boasts a compact and lightweight design. Besides, the tray can be detached from the main weighing scale. By doing this, you will have converted it into a toddler scale. You can easily move it around your house or even tag it along when traveling. The weighing tray has been crafted in a simple and secure curved design for the baby’s comfort and safety. Besides, it has an LCD for easy and accurate readability.

In terms of performance, this weighing scale can measure up to 45 lbs and the readings are in increments of 0.5 ounces to ensure accuracy. It measures weight in kilograms as well as pounds and the units can be easily changed by the tap of a button.

Just like most baby scales out there, the Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR can measure the weight of babies even when they are playful on the tray. The Hold feature finds the perfect moment when there is minimal activity and measures the weight accurately. In addition to this, you can also measure the weight of your baby even with their clothes on. The Tare Weight function records the weight of your body at the slightest hold.

The Good
  • 1. For Babies and Toddlers: With this scale, you won’t need another when your baby grows. It can measure babies’ weight with the tray and once the tray is detached, your toddler can have their weight measured.
  • 2. Accuracy: Another thing we liked in this baby scale is its accuracy and precision. It has 0.5-ounce increments and an LCD panel for exact readings.
  • 3. Affordability: Considering its long-term use, the price of this baby scale is very affordable and guarantees value for your money.

The Bad
  • 1. Measures Weight Only: This baby scale measures only weight. This is a shortcoming bearing in mind there are baby scales that combine weight and height.
The Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR is a great and affordable baby scale that can be used from birth to when your baby becomes a toddler. It is accurate and offers reliable weight monitoring. If you are looking for a simple baby to toddler scale, then the Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR Baby to Toddler Scale is one of your best options!

Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale with Growth Chart Book

The number 2 spot in this list of the top 5 baby scales goes to the Health o Meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale from Health o Meter, a renowned brand in the manufacture of digital body scales and accessories. This particular baby scale has been engineered to be a mother‘s companion from the time their babies are born all the way until they become toddlers. More so, this scale is very accurate and precise and can serve different weighing needs, for example, Tare weight and even measuring a baby’s weight even when they are not settled on the tray. Here are some of the pros and cons of this unique baby scale.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ideal for babies and toddlers
  • Accurate and precise readings
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Has tare weight function
  • Growth Chart Book included
  • Affordable price
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Measures weight only

Without further ado, let’s go straight to the details of this baby scale and see why it deserved a spot in this review.

Once you get hold of this baby scale, the sleek and compact design is what will catch your attention. First, the tray and main component are detachable. At first, you will have to use the tray when the baby is still young. This tray has been crafted in a curved design for comfort and most importantly, for your baby’s safety. It also comes with a security lock for extra safety and stability. Once they grow up, the tray is detached to allow you measure your toddler’s weight while they stand on it. The main scale has been crafted in a cool design depicting a bears head. Besides, it has a large 1.2-inch digital LCD for accurate display of the exact weight.

In terms of performance, this scale only measures weight and is ideal for both babies and toddlers. This digital baby scale can measure weight in pounds and kilograms. To change the preferred unit, there is a simple button labeled lb/kg. The Health o Meter Grow with Me Bay Scale, can measure weights from 0.3 lbs. (0.1kg) to 60 lbs. (27kg).

With this baby scale, you don’t need to worry if your baby is hyper while on the tray. It has a reliable Hold feature that will still give you accurate readings even when the baby is playing around while on the weighing tray. In addition to this, it has the Tare Weight feature which allows you to weigh your baby even with their clothes or diapers on.

The Good
  • 1. For Babies and Toddlers; Once you buy this scale, you won’t need another scale when your baby grows.
  • 2. Growth Chart Book: Health o Meter also included a resourceful growth chart book to guide mothers all along the motherhood journey. This book comes in handy, especially for first-time mothers.
  • 3. Hold and Tare Weight Function: These two functions allow mothers to measure their baby’s weight accurately even when they are playing on the tray and when they are in clothes or diapers respectively.
  • 4. Affordable Price: One thing I must point out in this baby scale is the price. When compared to similar scales that can measure babies and toddlers, this baby scale is really affordable.
The Bad
  • 1. Measures Weight Only: Health o Meter should have incorporated height measurement in this scale. As of now, you can only measure your baby’s weight only.


The Health o Meter Grow with Me is a great baby scale that any mother who is looking for affordability should purchase. It guarantees long use from when the time of birth until when they grow into toddlers. Its accuracy is impressive and so is its reliability!

Baby Scale Buying Guide

Now that we have narrowed down to 5 best baby scales, it might still be hard for you to decide on one. To help you make the best choice that will give you value for your money, here is a buying guide for baby scales that will enlighten you more about baby scales. To kickstart this buying guide, we will first discuss whether a baby scale is essential or not.

Is a Baby Scale that Important?

If you read many parenting websites and forums, you will realize that there is no consensus on whether a baby scale is an essential or not. If you are keen enough, you will see that in these discussions, there’s always a common denominator, your budget. Everyone seems to be agreeing that a baby scale is essential when making a shopping list for your baby only if you have enough money. However, if you are on a budget, it should not bother you much.

Having a baby scale can be a great thing for breastfeeding mothers especially in the first three months. It helps mothers monitor their baby’s weight regularly to ascertain whether breastfeeding milk is helping the baby grow or it needs to be supplemented. A baby scale will also wipe away the anxiety most mothers have on their baby’s development.

It is also important to note that in as much as you may not be of the idea of purchasing a baby scale; you may be forced to buy one. In some unfortunate cases, your pediatrician may ask you to buy a baby scale of your own. This happens when your baby has some medical condition that needs its weight to be checked and monitored regularly, mostly, on a daily basis. If this happens, you don’t have to worry. There are many baby scales out there that you can purchase without breaking the bank.

A Simple Growth Checklist

0 – 6 Months – From the time your baby is born to when they reach 6 months, they should have doubled their weight. Most likely, they will be adding 5-7 ounces weekly which equals to 2 lbs. every month. When it comes to height, a baby will add an inch every month in this stage.

6 Months – This is an important stage when you should be more aware of your baby’s weight. This is because it is a stage when you start feeding your baby with food in addition to breast milk. At 6 months, a well grown baby should have doubled their birth weight. In this stage, they should be growing by half an inch every months and add 3-5 ounces weekly which translates to 2 lbs. monthly.

11 – 12 Months – By now, your baby will be growing very fast and you will finally see the fruits of your hard work. By the time they are a year old, they should have tripled their birth weight.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Baby Scales

With all said and done, it’s time we go straight to the actual buying guide. In this guide, we will majorly focus on factors you need to consider before purchasing a baby scale. These are the same factors we consider before writing the above review of the best baby scales to buy in 2017. So, without further ado, here are the major factors you need to look at when shopping for baby scales.


Cost is an important consideration when shopping for anything, baby scales are no exception. When shopping for your baby, you definitely have a rough budget on how much you want to spend for every item. Once you have your set budget for a baby scale, it is important narrow down to baby scales that are in your budget range. There is no need to waste more time on high end baby scales when you’re looking for a pocket friendly baby scale. Staying within your budget limits is important. This prevents overspending and stretching your budget beyond limits.


There is no specific place where you will station your baby scale. You might measure its weight in the bathroom, bedroom or even living room. Besides, you might want to tag it along when travelling. For this reason, it is important to buy an easily portable baby scale that will allow you to carry it from one place to another with ease.

Ease of Use

Like earlier mentioned, there are two types of baby scales. There are table top scales as well as hanging scales. You should buy a baby scale that is easy to use and one that suits your preference as well as your home layout. If you have a bathing table, a table top scale will be great for you. On the other hand, if your house has strong and sturdy hanging slots, a hanging scale will be great. However, it is worthy to note that most baby scales in the market are table top scales. This is because table top scales are easy to use and are very versatile. As long as you have a strong flat surface, you are good to go!


Accuracy and precision is among the fundamental aspects of a baby scale. Babies, especially in their early ages add weight in very small bits. They may also be losing weight negligibly. So, it is important to buy a scale that is accurate and precise so that it doesn’t miss the slightest change in your baby’s weight or even height.


Readability refers to the ease of reading measured weights and height and should not be confused with accuracy. A good scale comes with an digital LCD which reports the actual weight or height as measured. Even though most baby scales come with LCD, it is still an important consideration.


As earlier mentioned, there are a variety of baby scales each with different features. When shopping for a baby scale, it is important to also consider the extra features it comes with. Here, you can look at aspects like weight memory, weight tray, conversions, safety, comfort, and so on. Go for a baby scale that packs more features. However, in as much as you will be looking for features, not that the better the features, the higher the price tag. So, always remember you have to stick to your budget. Let not your thirst for sophisticated features make you drift away from your budget.

Now that you know the basic things you need to consider when shopping for baby scales, it’s time you make the right decision on your preferred purchase from the above 5 baby scales. Always be keen on these factors in order to get value for your money!

Our Choice

The Ozeri ZBB1 remains our best pick among these 5 baby scales. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its versatility. Besides, the inbuilt memory makes it such a unique baby scale that every mother or pediatrician should dream of. Its price is also great considering the top[ class features.

Final Words

Even though a baby scale may not be considered an essential when shopping for your baby, it is a worthy purchase. This is because it is always important to monitor your baby’s weight and height, important parameters in gauging your baby’s growth. Having a baby scale also saves you from the hassles of going to the clinic to just measure your baby’s weight. Even though baby scales are considered expensive, the above 5 scales have been carefully selected to guarantee you value for your money. Get any of them today and always be on the loop when your baby adds or loses weight!

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